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We welcome you to the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society website!


Here you'll find a growing collection of pictures and stories that document the founding

and development of Desert Hot Springs.



We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and:

“The specific purpose of this corporation is to preserve, acquire, display and teach about the artifacts and real property of the Southern California areas of Desert Hot Springs, specifically, and the Coachella Valley, generally.”


As the Historical Society of Desert Hot Springs we are always on the lookout for memorabilia, pictures, postcards, letters, artifacts, and general history and "stuff" (a very technical term <grin>) about our town.  If you have anything about DHS or our surrounding area that could help us preserve our history, please, please contact us.  Also, you don't have to permanently part with your item or collection, just allow us to copy them for our society... we'll happily return any items to you.


As a Historical Society we are always looking for new and more accurate information.  Please realize that the information contained on this website is always subject to change and development as we learn more about our wonderful town.  If you see any inaccuracies please provide us with more information to make this site even better!



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